About us

Goupil & Cie

We live with art and we find satisfaction in sharing our passion. The knowledge we have built up over decades can help other art lovers. We think that collecting art is a social passion. If you discover the power of art, you want to share what affects you. A work of art is a materialized residue of dreams, thoughts and reflections of nature and society. We look forward to meeting people with the same passion. This is why we do what we do.


The name Goupil & Cie is a tribute to one of the most prominent art dealers and art publishers in the 19th century. The art dealership is also connected to one of the most important artists of that time; Vincent van Gogh.
In 1869 Vincent van Gogh had an internship at the Goupil & Cie branch in The Hague, which was run by his uncle, the so called Uncle Cent, who also was co-owner of Maison Goupil & Cie in Paris.
Vincent’s brother Theo van Gogh works from 1873 on in the Goupil & Cie branch in Brussels. In the same year Vincent works at the London branch and then in Paris in 1875. Theo is the manager of the Boulevard Monmartre branch in 1881.
In 1827 the firm was founded by Adolphe Goupil (1806-1893). Goupil would have branches in Paris, Londen, New York, The Hague, Brussels, Berlin and Vienna. Untill 1920 (when the firm closed down) Goupil & Cie existed with various partners.


Goupil & Cie today

We work as art brokers, that is to say, we give sales and (auction) purchasing advice. Moreover we advice in building up an art collection. Our fields of interest are 17th century Dutch art, Barbizon paintings, impressionism, neo impressionism, the Stijl movement and contemporary photography. In our photo gallery webpage you will find contemporary photography.


The current company owner has a MasterĀ“s degree in Art History (Leiden University). Professional development brought an assistant directorship at art auction Veilinghuis Van Stockum in The Hague, the involvement in various art collections such as the collection of UNESCO Center Netherlands and that of Ars Aemulae Naturae in Leiden. He was also a member of the advisory board of the Holland Art Fair in Utrecht and curator of an art gallery for several years. He knows the museum world from the inside because of his long term employment at the Mauritshuis Museum in The Hague and the Royal Collection Museum Willem V in The Hague (the Netherlands). As an adjunct faculty professor, he is currently affiliated with the American Webster University.

Goupil & Cie works together with other art professionals. These professionals are selected for the specific projects we are working on.