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Copyright: All images and concepts are copyrighted. It is the intellectual property of Goupil & Cie and its legal owner. © Goupil & Cie 2019

Letter of interest:

This always takes effect when exchanging ideas. This applies to art projects and projects in the context of Art Consultancy / Museum Consultancy / projects with lenders (Museum Leiden).

If you are interested in an assignment or collaboration process and if there is communication about this as a concept or as a possible solution for the potential client it is automatically the intellectual property of Goupil & Cie. Everything that is being developed, whether or not in co-creation with the potential client, is the intellectual property of Goupil & Cie and its legal entity /owner. This guarantees the knowledge, the concept and the expertise and guarantees confidentiality towards third parties. Ideas can also not be implemented or adopted by other parties.

Goupil & Cie and its legal owner is not liable for loss, theft or damage of movable and immovable property. Goupil & Cie is also not liable for personal injury or fatal accidents.

Travel and accommodation costs are for the account of the client.

If an assignment has been issued by an employee of an organization or company, we always assume that this assignment is given by a person who is authorized to sign. You cannot therefore rely on being not authorized to sign. Goupil & Cie and its legal owner are governed by Dutch law.